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my tree at dusk

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God, today I have been admiring the gorgeous trees you have created all over our planet.  I am so grateful for your artistry and ingenuity.  There are over 100,000 species of trees on this earth.  Each variety unique in bark, branch, root, leaf, size, habitat and usefulness.  I cannot even begin to fathom the number of leaves that means.  Each leaf unique.  Exquisitely crafted and colored.  An individual pattern of veins and edging tracing a map on each one.  How magnificent!  How amazing!  This world you have created is mesmerizing in its detail.  The trees breathe in the waste of my air, carbon monoxide.  I breathe in the waste of their air, oxygen.  We are sympatico.  Yin and Yang breathing in an elemental opposition, yet in perfect compliment.



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Nothing feels as wonderful when the sun is beating down its summer heat than finding the cooling shade of an ancient oak.  Laying on my back, I watch the breeze dance the leaves as glints of sun sparkle in the midst.  Flames of green bearing heat away.  The cooling freshness of the green canopy spreading its protective arms over me.  During a thunderstorm, this same canopy helps shelter me from the rain as I listen to the plop, plop of each drop beating on the drum skin of my tree.  I hide beneath the home of so many creatures, insects, birds, small game.  I praise you, God, and am so grateful for this free, found shelter.  No rent or mortgage here.  And in the winter, the stark bare branches line the landscape like so many fingers pointing skyward in silent witness to their creator.  Creaking under weights of snow, lined like shadowed drawings, they form their silhouettes against the land and sky,  connecting heaven and earth.

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But my favorite remains the painter’s brush of colors you pour onto the world in autumn.  Reds, yellows, purples, oranges, browns pulse with living colors against the cooling brilliant blueness.   The fire of the sugar maple is so vivid it almost hurts my soul to gaze at it.  Such beauty etched upon my heart as a riotous love letter from you to me and back again.  The colors pulling me inward and heavenward, soaring through joy in just existing in this magnificent place you have created.  Oh, God, what your hand has wrought is far too wondrous for my mind to grasp.  And yet you set me higher than all of this sweetness.  Thank you.  Thank you for each amazing tree, each leaf, each branch, each root which burrows deep into the earth.  This good earth.  I am grateful for trees and they are good.



A rocky stream in the U.S. state of Hawaii.

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This is my year to focus on gratitude and celebration of all God is and all the prosperity and blessings he pours forth on me every moment of every day. Today is the best day of my life! I have pledged to share here on FB at least one thing I am grateful for every day. Shoot me a comment if you pledge to join me in this goal for 2012. Gratitude can surely change our lives! Today, I am so grateful for: water. It is powerful, elemental, cleansing, refreshing physically, emotionally, spiritually. It teems with life and within life. It can be deliciously cold and sensually warm. Nothing is better when your hands are freezing than to warm them under a steaming stream of it. It caresses the skin, soothes the soul. We are baptized in it. It makes the wine and grain of our communion elements. Some of my favorite experiences with water are: walking in the ocean tide as I gaze into its vastness; steamy bubblebaths; awakening to the sound of pounding rain, babbling brooks, ocean surf; my hot sweet tea; cold and splashed on my sleepy face; icy and dripping from a sweating glass into my parched mouth; splashed at me as I play in it with a friend; splashed out when I jump in a rain puddle; on my altar as I connect with the Divine in prayer.

Today, Father God, I thank you for water. It is an elemental part of me, my life, and all life and it is good.

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Golden Crystals

The Master as an eight-year-old (William Hughe...

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“Life is exchange between you and God.  You name what is exchanged and how much is exchanged.  Give your limited good for His unlimited good.  Give your foolishness for His wisdom.  Give your weakness for His strength.  The fictions that you offer Him will cease in His realities, to trouble you and the universe no more.”  –Imelda Octavia Shanklin in her book, What Are You?

The sweetness of this universal law is like the most fragrant flower in the garden.  The scent enfolds you, drawing you.  But it is only the beginning as, day after day, your pursuit of the flower yields the enchanting experience of an ever blooming, ever opening blossom.  And so it is with this law of God.  When the seeking and knowing God in all His magnificent universe is your focus, there is no longer “bad” in life.  Every situation, every experience, every person reveals the Master to you more fully.  Nothing that reveals God can be bad.  I have been thinking a lot about my father lately.  His relationships have been ones of great hurt and ugliness to me and others I love.  Recently I was asked what I was going to do with the memories, the trauma, the pain of my childhood.
I believe I need to pursue God and give Him these memories.  This trauma.  This pain.  I am meditating on finding the divine in my dad.  Universal law tells me he, too, has divinity within him.  Despite my other remembrances, there was a charisma, a charm, a geniality in my father.  He always gave generously to those in the community.  I am giving God the other memories which are too painful to keep any longer.   I am appreciating that human beings at their worst and most abased can and are still used of God to do good in His world.
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I, too, have gifts I received from God through my father.  My great love and affinity for animals of every kind, my appreciation of nature and science, the thrill of watching a plant sprout from a seed I planted, the evocative beauty I find in opera and classical music–these are gifts I was given through my father.  The ability to do what needs done no matter what, to never take no for an answer, to pursue unceasingly until I achieve–although this was born in me through fear of retribution–it is what has allowed me to still be alive, to be walking again after seven years in a wheelchair, to be thriving.  I have triumphed in the end and found enlightenment because in the cauldron of my childhood, I had to learn a survival skill that made me so strong.  And now, I can rest that fear and pain and empty it out of my spirit into God’s hand, making room to fill my heart with gratitude for all gifts which are good.  When we  burn the dross of this world through meditation, prayer and connection with God, we are left with pure gold.  And isn’t that gold the substance with which the streets of paradise are said to be paved?  Heaven and paradise are found in our enlightenment and our connection with God.
Love, Peace, and Joy to you!
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